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Exporting PDF in Canva

To export a PDF from Canva with cut marks and bleed, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the design you want to export in Canva and select “Download” from the top right corner of the screen.
  2. In the “Download” menu, select “PDF Print”
  3. In the “PDF Print” menu, scroll down to the “Marks and Bleeds” section.
  4. Check the box next to “Add bleed” to add bleed marks to your design. These marks will indicate where the design should be trimmed to ensure that no white edges are visible after printing.
  5. Check the box next to “Add crop marks” to add cut marks to your design. These marks will indicate where the design should be cut to ensure that it is the correct size.
  6. Click “Download PDF” to export the design as a PDF with cut marks and bleed.
  7. When you open the exported PDF in a PDF viewer, you should see the cut marks and bleed marks on the edges of the design. Be sure to check the design for any issues with the bleed and marks before sending it to print.
Adobe Illustrator - Adobe InDesign

Exporting PDF in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign

Exporting a PDF with cut marks and bleed of 3mm in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign can be done by following these steps:

  1. In Illustrator or InDesign, open the document that you want to export as a PDF with cut marks and bleed.
  2. Go to File > Export > Adobe PDF (Print).
  3. In the Adobe PDF Export settings, go to the Marks and Bleeds tab.
  4. Under the “Marks” section, check the boxes for “Crop Marks” and “Registration Marks.” This will add cut marks to the PDF that will be used to align the document when it is printed.
  5. Under the “Bleed” section, enter 3mm as the amount of bleed that you want to include in the PDF. Bleed is the extra area around the document that is printed but then cut off to ensure that no white borders appear in the final product.
  6. In the “General” tab, make sure that the option “Include PDF Compatible Files” is selected
  7. Click “Export” to save the PDF.
  8. Open the exported PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro and check the cut marks and bleed.
  9. Print the PDF file or send it to the printer, make sure that the printer is set to cut on the cut marks.
Microsoft Word

Exporting PDF in Microsoft Word

To export a Word document as a PDF using the “Save As” option in Microsoft Word:

  1. Open the Word document you want to export as a PDF.
  2. Click the “File” menu at the top-left of the screen.
  3. Select “Save As”
  4. In the “Save As” window that appears, choose a location to save the PDF and
  5. In the “Save as type” dropdown menu select “PDF”
  6. Click “Save” to export the document as a PDF.

This method will save the current version of the document as a PDF, preserving the formatting, layout, and any images or other media included in the original document.

It’s important to note that some formatting and layout may not be retained when exporting from Word to PDF, so it’s a good idea to review the PDF to ensure that it looks as you expect before sharing or printing it.

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